News / Rumor What on earth is he on about?


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Jan 21, 2011
Houston, TX
David Pogue is intelligent, glib, funny...but a really bad judge of cameras. When I saw the title of the article, I said to myself, "Good! Now I'll have a list of what NOT to buy!"

I agree that he's probably referring to the RX-100, pretending that he has some insider information that he's holding back from his readers. But he's flaky enough to have seized upon some other piece of gear that has some gimmick he finds irresistible.

I just consider the source, then move on.


Jun 23, 2011
Dortmund, Germany
Nokia's 41mp phone camera may be the first of a breed of cameras which use software to generate results which would otherwise be difficult or impossible.

In an analogue to the use of multicore CPUs, I can imagine multiple cheap P&S sensors being combined with software to produce high quality images.

We already have software correcting distortions, vignetting, chromatic aberrations and so on.

I think there is a sea change coming soon.

(But I'm hanging on to my X100 and EM5 anyway ...)


Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
We do have WWDC (Apple conference) next week, so it could be the camera/software in the new iPhone 5.
I doubt it. Mountain Lion will be released (or at the very least, previewed, those of us in the dev beta haven't been given the GM yet), and new desktop/mobile hardware, but not the iPhone. I think the best we could hope for in that regard is a preview of iOS6: I wouldn't expect to see anything about the iPhone hardware yet. That ought to be around September/October, which would be a year since the 4S was released. And in the meantime we can hope that the leaks are fakes because I don't think I'll be getting a new iPhone if they aren't.

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