What photo import functions does your photo software have?

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Previously -- Windows 10 photo import is a thing of evil and I found a work around! -- I reported my unhappiness with Windows 10 and its photo import function. I also reported that I had found a partial work-around. Now I hear that Google is going to abandon Picasa, which means my partial work-around will disappear.

My photo editing software, DXO9, has no import facilities at all.

What I want is something that mimics the excellent photo import wizard of Windows 7. To wit, when you slide the SD card into the computer's slot (or you attach the camera to the computer via USB cable), a dialog pops up. It allows you to specify the name of the group of photos you are about to import. I like to use naming conventions that include the camera, the place, and what the subject is. An example would be "LX100 Frear Park Sunset." (Naming stuff this way makes for really easy searching later)

When the photo import wizard does its thing, it creates a folder with the above name and then gives the same name and a number to every photo that is imported into that folder. My partial workaround with Picasa allowed me to name the folder but not the individual photos that were imported.

So, does anyone on PL use photo processing software that runs on Windows and provides an import function like what I just described? (Yes, I know that I could copy and paste photos from the card to the computer, but doesn't that require that I individually rename every single photo if I want them to have something more than merely a number?)

Cheers, Jock

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