What Serious Compace with APS-C sensor has the best IQ? - Below £600

Sep 8, 2010
London UK
Looking to replace my Canon S90 with a compact with a APS-C sensor to go with my GF1 but want the best in Image Quality. The Leica X1 has the best by far but my budget is limited to no more than £600.

I am tempted by the Lumix LX5 but that has a CCD sensor, good as it is I would rather have a APS-C jobby.

I have looked at the Sony NEX and that fails to impress in the IQ dept I'm afraid.
Sep 8, 2010
London UK
I would wait until after Photokina 2010 completes to build a list of what compacts to consider.

This one has a lot of interests...

Fujifilm unveils FinePix X100 large-sensor compact: Digital Photography Review

I would also bet a m4/3rd Pen or GF1 with a pancake lens would be an option.
Photokins is not producing anything much except for the Fuji X100.

I will seriously look at the Fuji X100 in March when it comes out as it is a thing of beauty! Let's hope the IQ is up there with the Leica X1. By then the GF2 may be on it's way in which case I'll get that.

My GF1 with 20mm Pancake is really great but if I need wide for landscape then I'll use my 14-45mm f 3.5-5.6 lens as shutter speed is not a problem for landscapes.

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