What settings do you publish to Flickr in from Lightroom?


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I recently had to make a new Lightroom catalog and of course had to reset my publishing settings. I can't remember what I had them at before.:redface:

What file settings do you use (and why?) for jpeg, width and height (pixels) and do you sharpen for the screen? Standard?

Whatever it was that I had before I liked but can't seem to figure out how to get it back that way. Any pointers much appreciated!
Wylie I use Smugmug but same applies


Right click on Sugmug or Flickr in your case ( I use windows but MAC should be same) Choose "EDIT SETTING"
"LIGHTROOM PUBLISHING MANAGER" dialogue box will appear ... scroll down for size quality etc.
I use jpeg quality 90 but yoy can set a file limit (jpeg) if you so desire

These smugmug/flickr plugins are a bit rough not that intuitive as they are recent add-ons by 3rd party I think.
There is no official help in Adobe Lightroom HELP :(

PP meif you need to
Thanks John, I know how to get there but I'm just not sure about the file sizes, etc. As in highest quality jpeg? Yes? Width x Height = ? Set it for Standard Sharpening for Screen?

I want the quality to be as good as it can be. I'm not worried about anyone "stealing" my photos. I do have it set so that only I can download but we all know that once something is up it is pretty much there for the taking.
I just got off the phone with Don/Streetshooter and he told me to set the jpegs for about 72, and make the long edge 1440 with sharpening for screen as standard... This way in the off chance that someone thinks that I am the next Pulitzer prize winner, they won't be able to download my photo and use it.;)

So that's it I guess.
I'm with Deidre there (and I use smugmug)
Your gallery pics are your best so if you misplace one at home you can recover it from your gallery
If I edit in a RAW image in LR3 I will use 90 for jpeg which is pretty good but have the option of uploading "as is"
There is a great FireFox plugin to re-download your gallery images (which has come in useful when I lost originals) :redface: