Sony What Sony native lens has the best MICRO CONTRAST?



Above photo with Rx1 35mm 2.8
Preordered a new Sony A7R3 after my RX1 broke :-(
So instead of buying a old Sony RX1r2
I opted for the new A7R

Question is, what will be my first lens and how close can I come to the RX1 in image quality and most important to me, micro contrast.
Potentially my first lens will be a 35mm or a 50mm but I am open to suggestions.

I'm thinking a Zeiss sony 55mm 1.8 may be good, but in crop mode for video I will need a wider angle obviously. If anyone has some examples of the 35mm and 55mm or any lens they prefer. Feel free to post some.

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I try and I partially do, (I think) understand what micro contrast is.
That is a good point Grokgod !
I am planning to buy a Sony a7 III and a lens (or two) for this camera. The question is also for me to try to find a lens with good micro-contrast. A prime. No video just stills.
What was wrong with your RX1 ?

Excuse me if this is a bit out of topic but I would like to know your reasons.
I know that the 7 III has a great capability regarding high ISO and is very good in low light...
Indeed, I have not yet informed myself about the RX1. I will do it soon.
Thank you ! :)


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I haven't used it but I'm pretty sure the FE35 2.8 Zeiss lens has got all the pop one can ask for.

The FE 55 1.8 is a great lens for sharp and distortion-free images, but the high element count hurts the micro contrast, in another word, flat, albeit it's got the shallow DOF pop.

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