What will Panasonic announce in July?


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A new LX would be good. I've never had the 3 or 5 but have been tempted, off and on. Lets hope they dont dumb it down.

Maybe they will go for a large sensor compact a la Canon type. Lots of large sensors around now, the 1/1.63 is becoming a bit passe

Cristian Sorega

Panasonic has been very disappointing lately and has not released a single interesting camera since the GF1 (the GX1 is basically a GF1 with handgrip).

I hope they will release a LC-2 or a L2 with m4/3 sensor, something I have been asking for since they announced the G1.

Hopefully they will announce a better m4/3 sensor which comes close to the Sony sensors in the NEX cameras in terms of DR and high ISO.

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