Fuji What would be the perfect X200?


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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
Back to the original question, I'd like:

1) a locking EV control.
2) FASTER FOCUSING, both auto and manual. Still a sore point with me.
3) Revised center button on the back that's easier to hit.
4) and I suppose an even bigger/better sensor would be good but I have no complaints about what's in there... that camera is already borderline magical.


Aug 12, 2012
South West England
1) Better firmware (auto ISO on ISO list)
2) Jitter/lag free EVF, it works smoothly after the shutter is half pressed but not before which makes me think it must be something to do with the cameras metering system
3) Control layout on the back like Xpro/X-E1
4) Xtrans sensor is a given I guess

In dream land the lens would be a tri-elmar sort of setup that magically collapses back to the svelte dimensions of the current camera. I don't expect to see that but such a camera would easily be my dream travel camera.

The top 2 items on my list might both be fixable in a firmware update, first certainly and the second is a weird one as the camera is certainly capable of providing a smooth EVF viewing experience just not the way Fuji have implemented it.


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May 23, 2011
Taylor, Texas
If they stuck an 16MP X Trans sensor in it and took that little wheel off the back/added a Q menu, I'd buy it. And.........I would really love it if they put a lock on the EV wheel.


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Jun 27, 2012
I agree with most that have been said, and I would like them to get rid of that false vintage look, when I look at the XF1 I find it gorgeous, retro-modern gives me feelings ;)...


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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
So I just went to the camera shop where I got my X100, and fondled the X-Pro1 for fun. I noticed a few things...

1) It focuses faster. Not rocket-speed faster but faster.
2) It doesn't require you to enter Macro mode to shoot something 2 or 3 feet away, like the X100 does. (The sales rep didn't believe me about the X100, so I took mine out and showed him. His eyebrows shot up. "That's like 2 and a half feet away, that's not "macro!")
3) That 18mm wide lens on the X Pro is pretty damned nice, makes me want the wide angle adaptor for the X100.
4) The extra width and weight is not welcome - I could live with it, but I prefer the size/weight of the X100. I have small hands, so maybe big guys would feel differently.
5) That "Q" button is a nice feature, but I do NOT like where they out it, I kept hitting it with my thumb.

I left feeling like the X100 is the "just right" porridge, between the under-sensored X1 and the Over-sized X-Pro1. I expected to leave with a hollow feeling that could only be filled by an eventual second purchase one day, but that XPro1 didn't do it for me. I like it a lot, but not better than what I have.

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