What's the deal with Flickr and over-sharpening?


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I notice many - but not all - of my photos posted on Flickr are over-sharpened when viewed at anything other than the original resolution. I typically upload pics at 1280 pixels wide by (usually) 960 or 854 pixels tall. When I insert them here at the Large (1024x768) size, many of them appear horribly over-sharpened.

Any thoughts?

fin azvandi

Hong Kong
I think it has to do with the fact that you're uploading a size that is close to, but different from, the Large option. I used to do the same thing and had some amazingly over-sharpened images, but since I switched to uploading larger originals the problem has gone away.


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I had the same observation as Fin. If you upload at 1024px or original size they won't be oversharpened.

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