What's your oldest "living" digital camera?

Larry T

Sep 6, 2015
Larry Thacker
Nikon D200 from 2007. Still works great, but I don't get it out very often.


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Nov 12, 2010
I may or may not have a 2008 Nikon L16 in a box somewhere... other than that, my appreciated 2010 Samsung EX1 (TL500) is a year older than my beloved Fuji X100, which is still my main camera (if you ignore my phone camera snaps)

Tilman Paulin

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Nov 15, 2011
Vancouver B.C.
Olympus E1 (2003) - but not being used quite as much recently (suffering from too many cameras syndrome :-D )
Also still have an Fuji F30 (2006), Fuji S5 Pro (2007) and the original Sigma DP1 (2008) and DP2 (2009) - but those are all in storage (moving around too much recently)

Les Klein

Dec 10, 2015
Montreal area
2002 Panasonic Lumix FZ20. My first digital camera after a one year photography hiatus after my (film) Nikon FM developed a light leak. It is fully functional, as are the two batteries I have for it. The batteries don’t hold their charge very long.


Mar 23, 2015
Andrew Lossing
I still have a Panasonic GF3 that I bought for the 14mm f2.5 lens that came attached to it... The lens has gone but the body remained not because I use it, but because the screen was pretty banged up and resale value just isn't there. I've taken it apart and put it back together twice, still works!

I often think about picking up another used Olympus body, probably an EP1. Not a great sensor by today's standards, but a solid body that's fun to operate.


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Dec 29, 2013
My older digital cameras have all perished; that makes this question very easy to answer: the Leica M8 is my oldest fully working digital camera - and it's still going strong (one of my favourite day-to-day carry cameras). Mine was made in 2008, but I acquired it in 2018. The Panasonic GF1 is almost the same age.

I graduated from a Nikon P50 to a D90 in 2009; before that, I had experimented with digital, but not taken it seriously. I had owned a Nikon 600 (the first "compact" digital Nikon - 1MP!) for quite a while before buying the P50 - and a Kyocera S3 which was a truely fiddly camera to use (but took way better images than the 600). The P50 is annoyingly close to being a useful little camera - and I still have it somewhere. However, after the acquistion of the D90, I never looked back. But not even that camera sold me on digital - that was the Olympus E-PM1's job, 2012 ...



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Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
I think mine is a little Nikon L-2 pocket P&S. Don't remember exactly when I bought it, but I used to mount it on model airplanes and activate it via a remote electronic trigger. IQ wasn't anywhere near current state-of-the-art in aerial photography, but it still gave me a lot of decent pics, and it was great fun.

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