When goes Canon mirrorless?


Aug 18, 2011
Zemun, Serbia
Not completely so. Rumour has it that Canon goes mirrorless this autumn at Photokina, and with a full-frame model that is. I would say I'm hoping for it (if it turns out to be true), but it will be well out of my price range for sure:)


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Nov 12, 2010
On photorumors today, there was a quote from some Canon high-up official who said they'd be bringing out products with "near DSLR image quality"... if that's the mirrorless system they're talking about, it doesn't sound like it'll be full frame.


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Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
The G1X is near if not better than the entry level Rebels already. Will be interesting to see what else they come up with. Maybe a bigger OVF!


Sep 26, 2011
Minnesota USA
Kyle Krug
Yeah, I heard September for this announcement as well. I think it is going to happen, just because they are losing market/mindshare in the home market.

Sounds like they will keep the sensor of the G1X and put it into a CSC.
I hope they are more aggressive and innovative than this. Nothing wrong that size sensor, but it is already done pretty well with a very mature platform. I think they have to attack Fuji and Sony head-on - they are too big a threat to their big, DSLR camera sales now. I will guess that when they do announce something, it will be APS-C or larger.


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Dec 24, 2010
Brisbane, Australia
My impression of the G1X is that it is a toe-in-the-water exercise for fitting a large sensor in a small body, as well as being a logical continuation of an existing, successful line of camera (the G series). I think that cutting down the sensor size slightly from APS-C is a smart move if it puts them in a position to produce a similar line-up of compact yet still excellent lenses as are available for Micro 4/3 (the G1X sensor is just slightly bigger them m4/3).

While the G1X is a great and unique camera in it's own right, the autofocus speed is a letdown (however accuracy is very good). As a camera company, Canon really need to sort their s@&% out to avoid becoming a technological dinosaur. In terms of still imaging they have slipped behind their competitors in the advanced to professional categories in a number of areas. Releasing a mirrorless camera system with an AF system that can't even match a 2008 model Panasonic G1 would be disappointing. The mirrorless camera market is currently the playground of the electronics companies (Olympus being the only traditional camera company seriously involved), and the technological war is fierce. For Canon, 2012 should be 1987 all over again. Forget the past and come up with something truly new and innovative.

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