When people like your shots, and assume it's your gear

RT Panther

I think it is because technique is harder to discuss. And one needs to know what one is doing to discuss technique. Bumbling idiots like myself can't do that. So all I can discuss is the gear.

How about links to website URL's that detailed tutorials & discussions :)


I think it is because technique is harder to discuss. And one needs to know what one is doing to discuss technique..

It does seem that any attempts to discuss technique or aesthetics either expire in a cloud of antagonistic apathy or become diverted into nitpicking about gear.


RT Panther

Another way to look at it.
Suppose a new shooter stumbles on to this forum (or any other for that matter). What's the first thing that they see on the front page?

A myriad of gear posts.

Can you blame them for thinking that gear is a huge part of the equation?


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So the meetup went well. We had abut three hours, and just hung out at his place drinking beer. I immediately grabbed a pen and paper, and drew out a series of 3 single-axis graphs... one for apertures (with size-accurate circles and labels), one for shutter speeds, and one for ISO. I then explained what happens to the exposure as you go up and down each scale. Then, I explained the trade-offs with each of them -- DOF and other glass issues at each end of the aperture scale, then the 2 kinds of blur on the the shutter speed scale (camera shake, subject motion), and finally noise on ISO. That led to explaining what "stops" are, which led to the EV Comp knob. Then I demonstrated DOF and camera shake with the xf 35 lens, and then he walked around and shot things and asked questions.

He's better than I hoped. He once shot film, like me, and developed film in school, like me. So he's where I was about 3 years ago. I explained why I didn't get the kit zoom, why I now regret it, and why he absolutely should. Then I put all my wet gear back on and biked home in the cold rain. I had a really good time.


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It's hard to avoid gear talk. Most of us are techie types and we just enjoy gadgets. Pure artsy sites run the risk of devolving into gibberish (says the chemist). I really like f11 magazine as a good mix of tech and art.

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Excellent approach, to introducing some one, to the age of digital and better cameras. (except the beer, for me). Having a photography buddy, can be encouraging for the beginner, and for the teacher.

PS. The cold rain ride, sounds like the most fun of the evening! :biggrin:

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