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So, I love just going out and trying to find opportunity for image creation. I don't always succeed and at times I can get on some peoples nerves. By some people I mean my wife, whom I drug out with me today in 15F (-9 for the rest of the world) temperatures but we ended up at a coffee shop in downtown Columbus. Slim pickings for subject matter - unless you are like me and get right up in the wife's face while she is touching up her makeup!!

We are over due for a photo shoot and we have an idea...but there I go just imposing my lens against her will. She ultimately wins, but she is a fair and gracious dictator and gave me permission to post any images from today as I saw fit. I joke and kid, but she really is a great sport and supportive of me. :)

Today, I let her pick the kit I went out with and she decided on Fuji!!
So kit for today is the Fuji X-E3 and Fujinon 35mm f/1.4R. I used my custom built film simulation of Kodak Panatomic-X 50. usually at base exposure, but sometimes I boosted exposure compensation to +0.7 or +1, depending on how I was feeling about it.

Just having fun and experimenting. Having that freedom is very liberating sometimes, especially if you are like me and shoot a lot of stuff to spec, you don't always have the time or liberty to deviate from the agreed to deliverables!!

Anyway, without further ado....the images!!

Pre-makeup application:

Now into the brow, lash and eye lid!



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