Feedback Where to post photographs for constructive criticism, C&C or feedback?


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Question: If you're looking for constructive criticism (C&C) on your photographs, where is the best place to post them?

Answer: It depends.;)

You could post your thread in the specific camera forum, such as the Fixed Lens forum, the Photography Techniques forum, in one of the Image threads in the Photography forum, or within the Image Processing forum - the key is to consider what sort of C&C you're after.

Are you looking for post processing feedback, then maybe the Image Processing forum would be best. If it's a color photograph of a landscape that you're posting, well then it might do best within the "Scenic, Architecture and Travel forum, or the Nature forum, both subforums of the Photography forum section - or maybe you'd like to post in within the camera forum that matches your camera? The important thing is to ask for the C&C and be as specific as possible.

Generally speaking, if one is interested in serious C&C it is better to start a new thread with your photos than to add them to an existing one, unless an appropriate thread exists already. A good example of an existing thread that could be appropriate is the "Color or B&W" thread. It would be the perfect place to post - if you were interested in getting reactions to your image both in color and black and white.

If you have any questions, just ask. We're all here to share our enjoyment of photography and all that goes along with it.
I think we should distinguish between short discussions in image threads to show our appreciation and threads in which pictures can explicitly be put up for criticism. In my opinion we don't have any forum which is dedicated to the latter. I would welcome such a forum very warmly and put pictures up for discussion and criticism. It would be very interesting, if pictures could be posted anonymously in threads dedicated for criticism.
In case everyone hasn't noticed, we've made quite a few changes over the last couple of days. One of them is the much asked for Photo Critique forum to be found in the new Image Works section of the board. Now there is one place to post in particular, if you're looking for constructive criticism and feedback. Take a look and see what you think.:th_salute: