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Sue, how are you liking your new monitor? I'm in the market and I'm trying to get some ideas. So many choices!!

I really like the screen. I've now become very used to the extra screen real estate (to the point now where I wonder if i possibly *should* have got 27" after all). I've also reverted to using AdobeRGB instead of sRGB, I can convert to sRGB in post if needed for the web but for getting the colours nearly right for printing, its AdobeRGB for the moment until I get a calibrator. The on screen calibrator is pretty good though, in the meantime.

As far as setup goes, I have a VGA cable laying about (but attached) to which I can attach the netbook if I am of a mood to play in Windows or Ubuntu - currently dual booting those - I'm using DVI with the Macbook Pro, and have speakers attached to the output there because at the moment my adapter doesnt pass sound from the mini displayport (which is also a Thunderbolt port). There's an adapter which will do that, Griffin, I think, and I'll acquire that shortly because yesterday I decided to get a Dell soundbar which draws power via the screen. I have WAY too much plugged in here. The bigger speakers arent really needed, I almost never have sound on, so the cheapie soundbar will do. I have my Mobee magic mouse charger attached to the Dell's USB hub, as is my cable for the iphone, and my keyboard. I'm planning to attach my Targus 7 port hub there also, and revert to having only one HD attached to the airport base station for media streaming via a jailbroken AppleTV to my TV in the loungeroom.

Back to the screen itself. I love it. Not a lot more to be saying, really :)

Sue I'd love to know more about how your connected it into your machine using the various adapters.


See above for my rambling description!! I probably need to make a diagram because I am about to change everything.
My experience with this is personal and professional: my own stuff on the best I can afford, and a pro creative shop with a much larger budget.

I use anNEC, and would agree with the ones recommended by Antonio. Dell has some good ones too, but beware: they source actual screens from different suppliers according to availability and price, so quality v

Buy the best you can, and reserve some cash for a calibration kit. It will make a real difference, especially when you print.
Thanks for sharing such information...it is surely gona help me in deciding which external screen to purchase.

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