Which forum skin do SC members use?


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I used to use the muted blue but found it on the ipad and laptop to be not as useful and there was something in it which made photographs go all wrong. So I reverted to default, which doesnt care if people use bbcode or html links.


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Well having seen the slightly darker backcloth on Insired Eye & how Pdh's images worked better I'm about to try something different


Sunny Frimley
I switched over to dark too, much easier on my eyes. I have my screen set for auto brightness but often end up turning down more and more as the day wears on and this definitely is more soothing .


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Back to default
Dark too dark & too much contrast - wears my eyes out
Grey too Dark
Default is cheerful but back cloth could be a bit denser

Sometimes Helps if images have borders

Dewi Sant

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I use the default, which surprises me as usually I like to see my photos against a black background, probably because my websites have black backgrounds & the PP is done with that in mind. I tried the dark here but didn't get on with it for some reason and returned to default - which I quite like really.

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