Which forums are you subscribed too?


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Regularly - mu-43.com and seriouscompacts.com...but recently due to purchasing my Leica X1 I also read and post a bit on L.Camera Forum. That's it for regular forums. If I'm researching something I go to many sources. GetDPI seems like a very helpful place....but I've never registered. I'm afraid if I did, I'd never be offline.:wink:
GetDpi is a too much "Fun" place for me .... they seem to have "Fun" with everything .... (browse their posts to see what I'm talking about) Also when a new camera comes out all the regulars buy all the appropriate adapters and lenses, "have fun" talking about them and subsequently dishing them for the latest greatest... and the whole thing starts again ..... maybe nice for technologists but not so much for folk interested in pure photography as in the final Image, I actually haven't seen an interesting photographic result yet on the appropriate forum on GetDpi. I like to read TOP, not so much a forum but a very interesting site for photography in general, in the meantime I'm out with my X1 to have some "FUN"


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Dpreview, mu-43, and seriouscompacts. Have not posted at dpreview in a long time, as I have found many of the folks on the camera forums are very contentious. However, I was able to find great help for certain printing issues I had in the Printing and Mac fora.




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I only post on this forum and blipfoto (which is not really a forum but more a combination PAD and blog). I check out DPreview,TOP, the Leica forum and Luminous Landscape reasonably regularly and post very occasionally on the Leica forum.


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Rangefinderforum.com Portal - Rangefinderforum is always very interesting - I venture in and out - but could spend longer on that forum as there is so much (very good) info and some good people

MU-43 got me going with digital photo forums in February when I got started with a G1

dpreview can be too much and if you want to get bored try Nikonians forum/site

plus I have just registered on here

The internet is just an amazing source of information


I recently joined this forum because I own a Olympus E-P1 have an Leica X1 on order so joined the Leica Users Forum to learn the the pros and cons first.
I also have been a member of Flickr.co for some years.
I think this is one of the best ways to learn about both the camera(s) I own and get general hints to hopefully improve my photography.

many thanks penny UK


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I've never posted on any forums. I never ever been on the net.
I heard about it but don't think it's real.
In fact I think I'm a figment of an imagination but it ain't mine.