Which "kind of fan" are you?


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Jul 11, 2010
The Netherlands
For example: mft fan, full frame fan, Sony NEX fan, Sony Alpha fan, Ricoh fan, Sigma fan, SC fan, 3D fan, DPR fan, Leica fan, Pentax fan, X100 fan, X10 fan, Nikon fan, Canon fan, Oly fan, Pan fan, no fan.

I'm a photo fan with interest in 3D.
Currently taking pics with the G1 from Pan.
I like ultra wide zoomlenses, compact sized and low weight cameras, retro cameras like the X10 and X100.
I take a daily look at 43rumors, DPR, SC.
I'm waiting for MINUS to fix their forum code issue, once fixed I can start new threads here at SC.
David (soundimageplus) makes me to have a serious look at Sony NEX !

How about you?


Oct 4, 2011
My aspirations should be higher, I know, but the Prosumer class is really what I'm a fan of. I like cams with larger sensors and higher ISO thresholds and endless bokeh, but in the end, the prosumer class is where I'm at. If the rest of the class can come up with high ISO performance like the S95 (which needs it due to the relatively slower lens), it would be fantastic. I also like how a couple have finer steps in ISO, and I've been complaining on that other forum for it in the EX1.

If Ricoh-Pentax can come up with a GXR-like cam with a built-in viewfinder, that can also take Pentax primes, that's where I'll go. The Nex7 is the most enticing cam for me right now, along with the K5.


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Apr 23, 2011
I'm an NEX fan but mostly because that's what I'm familiar with and it feels good in my hands. I did have a play with an X100 at the airport and I see how I could be wooed, but the fixed length lens doesn't do it for me. Too much like hard work!


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Jul 6, 2010
I've only ever let myself become a (lifelong) fan of Birmingham City football club. (Yes I know... no sympathy please!) And I couldn't bear the amount of torment and heartache that has caused me over the years to be a part of anything else in my life. However in the spirit of Hermans thread.

Professionally, I like gear that gives me good IQ with simple positive handling. I like viewfinders and simple menus. I like style, yet choose to use a Sony NEX, so work that one out! I like retro, though mostly as a look rather than having to fiddle with 20 different knobs and a hand held light meter. I like lightweight yet decent size, I don't like touchscreens much, I don't like mobile phone photography. I like leather and metal..... Oh sorry we're talking about cameras aren't we, I got carried away there for a moment!! I like 40mm lenses (35mm/FF equivalent) I like APS-C as a format best, but then I also like m4/3 and FF. I prefer Olympus to Panasonic, Nikon to Canon and Photoshop over everything else. I think film cameras are prettier than digital cameras but I'm not going back to them. I prefer colour to black and white, chrome rather than black, Fender to Gibson and natural light to flash.

This however is the second love of my life. (And to be honest by quite some distance) but if we are talking inanimate objects this is my favourite. Its the real thing between us and I'll forgive it anything, including 12MP and a UI designed by a crossword puzzle enthusiast!



Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
To be honest, I'm a fan of good, imaginative creative imagery. The camera is simply a brush, the lenses your bristles of choice. The whole world is your canvas. Cameras are tools. I am fortunate to use some particularly fine examples, but they don't make me a craftsman, merely a traveller with the means to express myself through my view of the World.

That said, there are things I am not a fan of; Chocolate-box HDR, fluffy kittens and puppies, gadgetry for the sake of it, X Factor, Ugg Boots, iPhones, queuing in post offices, wobbly tripods, clichés, Eurocrats, flimsy excuses, blue cheese, soggy toast, poor tailoring, prawns and reality television... :rolleyes:


Jul 10, 2010
Huntsville, AL
I've been sporting an E-PL2 lately. So far, mFT it is. I personally find the Oly UI's intuitive. Enableing the super control panel makes everything right there for me.


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Jul 6, 2010
That said, there are things I am not a fan of; Chocolate-box HDR, fluffy kittens and puppies, gadgetry for the sake of it, X Factor, Ugg Boots, iPhones, queuing in post offices, wobbly tripods, clichés, Eurocrats, flimsy excuses, blue cheese, soggy toast, poor tailoring, prawns and reality television... :rolleyes:
With you all the way apart from soggy toast! I just love it when the butter soaks through!!


Jan 2, 2011
I see a lot of discussions about Fujis and Ricohs and iPhones at the moment ... and I never read them ... they don't interest me & I can't see myself ever acquiring any of them, because whenever I see my E-P2 I just want to pick it up and take pictures with it ... at that point, DR, sensor, noise, "interface" and the rest just don't begin to matter ... yes, I'm so very very shallow ...


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Aug 15, 2010
I'm a full frame, normal lens fan, living in a compact world :(

An Oly Pen plus the new PL25/1.4 is the closest I can get. I also like the pen styling, and the overall kit size (I do have other lenses). So, I guess I'm an MFT fan. I'll jump on a FF CSC, though, if it was released (that doesn't cost $10K for body and lens. Sorry no budget for Leica for me).


Oct 4, 2011
Honestly, I like seeing people post pics from supposed "lower end" cams, which look amazing and professional, at least on a computer screen. Someone posted on that other forum some pictures and made people guess what they were. They guessed Leica and 1-2 other high ends. It turned out they were iPhone pics.


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Nov 12, 2010
I'm a fan of cameras that are jacket-pocketable or smaller, so that leaves me with compact cameras and CSC's with pancake lenses (although the new Panasonic X 14-42 is a great development from my point of view). At low ISO's, the IQ of my EX1 is good enough for me, although I sometimes wish for some more dynamic range and more DOF control.
I'm a fan of good ergonomics, I held a Samsung NX10 in the store and absolutely loved the way it felt in my hands.
I'm a fan of waterproof or weatherproof cameras.
I'm a fan of rotating screens.
I'm a huge fan of wideangle lenses, I'd love to go wider than the 24mm equivalent I currently have.


Jul 8, 2010
I am an obsessed fan of photography... learning about it, viewing it, talking about it, and taking pictures.

I am a fan of dark, grainy B&W imagery. I am a fan of woodsy landscapes. I am a fan of deep, rich color of a certain form.

I am a fan of photography books.

I am a fan of 28mm, 50mm, and short tele focal lengths. I am a fan of prime lenses, but appreciate good zooms.

I am a Ricoh fan.


Oct 8, 2011
I'm a "lo-fi" fan. I don't like pictures that are too clean, too perfect. Perfect is boring. In my analogue years I loved to shoot with my Lomo (and I probably still would, if I had the budget for film and developing).

For me, photography is not about brands or gadgets. A camera is just a tool. Having said that, my GRD III suits my photographic likings very well.


Bring Jack back!
Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
I'm more of a gear head and addict than a photographer. But I love photography nevertheless. I just do it for fun and creating memories. My old man has always like photography. So when I first got into it (about three years ago), we got to "connect" on another level. So it's been lots of fun for me. And the credit card companies.

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