Which mobile phone you recommend for photo & video shooting?

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my little brother showed me a video he shot with his iPhone and it looked great. I know they take great photos as well. I have seen great photos from the recent Samsung phones and there are quite a few Nokina Lumia shooters here as well. Some of those almost look like they were shot with REAL cameras :eek:


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I used the camera on my Sony Xperia Ultra Z portable telephone when on holiday recently. First time I have used such a facility for anything other than snapping the shopping list on the blackboard in the kitchen. I was favourably impressed.

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I'm not really sure if I am entirely convinced here but have a look at this link


I think there is more to this than meets the eye. Low light being one aspect.
While I think the Nokia 1020 might have a usable camera I am not a fan of Windows Phone OS myself.

The recent images I took using my Galaxy S5 had way over saturated reds. I guess I could dial it back.



Not that a mobile phone camera can really compare with a serious compact (not yet anyway), but if image quality is of paramount importance, the Nokia 1020 probably comes in at the top. There are at leaf 3 reasons for this:
1. Great lens (Zeiss F2.2)
2. Full manual control (except over aperture)
3. RAW shooting
4. Sensor size is 1/1.5 (larger than some serous compacts out there)

The one thing I will caution you about though is that it is a little slow to take a shot and shot to shot time is not the greatest in full 38MP mode. However, if you choose to shoot at 5MP (Smart Cam) or allow another camera app to take over the native camera app (like Proshot) it is as fast as an iPhone 5. Best uses are landscape, still life, cityscapes, etc. I have added some samples from a recent trip to Peru









Scaramoosh should stick to the iPhone 5s. Perhaps the 1020 overwhelms him. While it is true that the 808 was probably the best Nokia made, the 1020 is no slouch. I had iPhones all the way till 5, then switched to the 1020. I agree that windows needs to play catchup in the apps department, but has some great photo apps of its own. If the 1020 was faster to focus and shoot, there would be no comparison with any phone camera out there at all.

But my GR and 100s are still way ahead ...

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