Which OS you prefer?

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Jock Elliott

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Jan 3, 2012
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This is just flat out wrong.

I don't know when your friend had his computer or what went wrong with it, but support does continue beyond 4 years. Early 2008 iMacs are still supported, the mid 2007 Mac mini is still supported, Mac Pro from 2008. Thats 6-7 years.
Well, perhaps it varies from model to model, but I got the information straight from my friend. His computer was five years old.

This is from wikipedia:

"Currently Apple classifies discontinued products in three categories: Vintage, Obsolete or Legacy, based on the level of support they continue to provide. Apple's current hardware support policy provides for service and repair of products for up to five years following their discontinuation, except only in California, USA (as required by statute), where products are guaranteed service for up to seven years after being discontinued. Products which fall into this additional two year window are referred to as Vintage. Products which have been discontinued for more than seven years are considered Obsolete and no service of any kind is offered, nor parts obtainable from Apple.[2]"

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Jan 10, 2014
My take is, I got so sick of Windows and it's need for frequent INVOLUNTARY upgrades - one of which totally trashed my PC and cost me a lot of work, that I replaced them with Macs about a year and a half ago, and I've never looked back.

If you shop carefully, you can get a Mac for maybe a $100 premium over a high quality PC with similar hardware (but it's more like $200-250 more than a cheap brand less robustly made with the same hardware). To me, that small difference is more than justified by the superiority of the Mac OS - in fact, over the life of the computer, you can make it up just in the saved cost of Anti-virus software, which Macs don't really need. Not to mention the value of one's time saved in not having to maintain a Windows PC.
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