Ricoh Which SD cards?


Let me rephrase that. Right now I've been using 2GB SanDisc Ultra II 15MB/s SD cards. They seem to do alright but are getting a little long in the tooth.

Could I upgrade to SanDisk EXTREME 8GB 30MB/s 200 SDHC cards or would they too fast for the camera to use efficiently?

Would I be better off with something slower? Could the GXR handle anything quicker (or bigger, or smaller) etc...

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Not sure about the GXR specifically, but I found a marked difference between using the Sandisk Ultras and their Extreme range with my GRDII. The Extreme II would give me RAWs in about 2 seconds as opposed to about 4 seconds with the Ultra. I'm sure there's faster nowadays, but I've been happy with the Extreme IIs and have stuck with them. Having said that I've also always been happy with Sandisk - as opposed to Panasonic or Transcend - and haven't strayed from the brand either.