Which "serious compact" you're dreaming of?


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I am content with m43, while I wait for an affordable FF mirrorless. I am even toying with the idea of an M6. I just can't afford an M9 ( I can afford it, I just can't justify the cost in my soul).

Try a M8 first, if you haven't already. Photos from the M8 are sharper than M9, IMO.


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-water- or at least weatherproof and dustproof
-wide angle (preferably wider than 24mm), and if it's a prime, make it really sharp and high resolution so you can get good digital zoom in PP
-rotating screen
-easy manual controls
-fast lens, allowing for some shallow DOF


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Try a M8 first, if you haven't already. Photos from the M8 are sharper than M9, IMO.

Said the man with an M7 and an M9 :)

Actually, I'm not looking for sharpness as much as the wonderful rending inherent in FF (missing my 5D output, though not the bulk), and cropping a Leica lens, IMO, is cutting out some of the best parts. Still, trying an M8 might allow me to build up some glass before spending for a FF body. But right now I'm just using film for my FF fix.


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I've very content with my E-P3.

Still waiting for the Ricoh GRD with an APS-C or maybe a proper reincarnation of the Olympus XA with APS-C (although we are more likely to get m4/3 on that one). Basically, anything I can truly slip in my pants pocket that has a large sensor, fast prime lens and maybe even an OVF or high quality EVF.

The GF3 or E-PM1 with Panasonic 14/2.5 mounted is very close to that. Definitely pants pocketable and the lens is great.


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M10. Basically a M9 with live view, better LCD screen and a macro lens addition (now that my camera has live view!). Don't care about more pixels, DR or less noise. I already like these just as they are.


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