Which would be better


I have managed to get my hands on Photoshop CS2 but knowing that its an older version would it be better than continuing with GIMP?

I am shooting Raw and Jpeg on my Canon G12.

Any advice most welcomed. Many thanks.

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Depends on which Operating system you are running. If Windows XP or older, CS2 should be fine. It may not like Vista/7. If on a Mac, CS2 is likely to not work on an intel mac, particularly with the later OS (Snow Leopard and later).

There's nothing wrong with GIMP... really. If you want to update to something more recent, and are unwilling to "acquire" a leter version of photoshop, maybe look at Photoshop elements which is a perfectly acceptable alternative to the full program (and arguably, probably better than the full program for those of us who are not professionals). Its much cheaper, and has most of the important bits you'd be wanting. However, for general photo management and editing it might be worth taking a look at Lightroom, too. Again, this is cheaper than Photoshop, and for many of us, has replaced it almost completely.

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I use CS2, and as a very new user to the world of PP, it was easier for me to get the basics to work for me, than Elements 6. Still not into layers, burn and dodge. I'm running windows XP Pro.


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i have cs2 for a few years - id rather buy a cmera than update it . most new cameras will have rw2 which will not open on cs2 but they usually come with their own raw disk so once you have used that and then converted to jpgs off you go in photoshop !:)


Many thanks for the replies. I'm using XP so I think i'll give cs2 a go.

Best wishes to all

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