Which would you pick and why -- FZ1000 or FZ300?

Which one?

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Dec 15, 2011
Its not that I don't like the P610, I just don't like it for everything. Low light? Forget it :) Long zoom? Excellent. ...
I definitely get that mindset. It is a matter of right tool for right job. Once you accept that one camera does not fit all needs, which most of us have, the choices are a bit easier.

The other big benefit of a superzoom vs a long lens is that with the SZ you are just carrying one camera. It can do wide, to a point, video, snaps of any kind. If I have a big zoom on a DSLR I either need to carry another lens or another camera. Sometimes that is perfectly fine with me, but many times I favor simplicity and versatility over most everything else.

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