Whoa! I've been making mistake in reporting superzoom zoom ratios to you . . .

Jock Elliott

Hall of Famer
Troy, NY
I was fussing around with the FZ200 this am, looking at the data associated with various shots, when I noticed a weirdness. A telephoto shot would be reported as being taken at 1200mm (e), but an even tighter shot, taken from the same location at the same time, would also be reported as 1200mm (e).

So I went outside and did a quick experiment.

Here's full wide (the object of our attention is the yellow flower), 4.5mm actual, 25mm (e):

FZ200 test 3 005.JPG

Here's 108mm actual, 600mm (e):

FZ200 test 3 006.JPG

Here's 108mm actual, and, with something called iZoom engaged, 1200mm (e):

FZ200 test 3 007.JPG

And here is 108 mm actual with both iZoom and digital zoom engaged. The data says this is 1200mm (e), but if you scroll way down into the data, you come across something called "digital zoom ratio," which in this case is 2. This means that the shot below is at 2400mm (e):

FZ200 test 3 008.JPG

It also means that some of the shots I have posted here were beyond 1200mm (e). This shot, for example, (if I have done the math correctly), was shot at 1440mm (e):


And all of these were shot without a tripod.

Cheers, Jock