Who's photographing analog and why?


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The Netherlands
I still own a few analog cameras from Oly, Rollei, Agfa, but I don't use them anymore.
But a few SC members are still shooting analog.
Why are you shooting analog, with which kind of camera(s), which scanner do you use?
Looking forward to hear from you, thanks in advance.


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Caguas, Puerto Rico
I am, but only very occasionally, and probably not for the right reasons. I shoot digital strictly for the images, but shoot analog mostly for the pleasure of using my old analog gear. I get good images, but no better than what I get from my digital gear.

I am using my old Canon TX and A series SLRs and a 1953 Kodak Signet 35 rangefinder. I have also recently taken some shots with a 1940 Argus A2F that used to belong to my grandfather.

I use an Epson Perfection V500 flatbed scanner, which was very inexpensive but works surprisingly well. I tend to get good results from scanning color slides and B&W negatives, but color negatives are sometimes hit and miss.




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Sounds like a good reason to me, Antonio. I very occasionally shoot film for the enjoyment of using a camera meant for manual focus and non-automated exposure and also because I like the look of film. If not for convenience issues, I'd probably shoot 50/50 film/digital. Because of convenience, it's more like 0.2/99.8.


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Philly, Pa
I don't do film anymore but.... I do have a high end event coming up in late June that must be B&W film. So, my M's will get a workout. I'll probably use my M4, M6 & M7.
I should use my Nex5 and just say I did film but they want the negs.... bummer.
Other than this event, no film for me in the foreseeable future.


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I go through spates of shooting film, and then all digital for months on end. Early this year I shot about five rolls of film in a month or two, and since then I have hardly shot a thing, maybe one frame every week.

I shoot for the knowledge that I will only get this one chance to make the most of this frame of film. I shoot film for the look and the old world coolness. I shoot with the understanding that a well-kept slide or black and white frame will keep for decades. I shoot to fondle the film cameras I have accumulated over the last few years, to feel their curves and the subtle click of the shutter.


Ive been using film lately myself. Its mainly because I bought a rather cool looking voigtlander camera and I love the looks of old timer stuff in my hands.
Its my wanna be Leica, which I will prolly never get. I turn my film over to Costco here in Phoenix that does a great job of processing....they can only do
c41 though, and have it scanned to a disk. I then take it home and put on the old computer..... so far its been an easy process. However in this day and age
one would ask why use a film camera, it does seem strange and old school... however you cant be the look of a Leica with a nice lens... its look on film is
unmistakeable and unique to say the least....
Cheers, Pete