Feedback Why can't I start a new thread...


betwixt and between
What you have to do is go to the forum in which you'd like to start a new thread...from there, you will see a blue box at the top on the right and it says +Post a New Thread.

That's it, or it should be, Russ.

P.S. You don't mean General Front Page, do you? If so, that is limited as to who can post on the Front page... I believe it is only to Administrators and some contributing authors. If you have something specific in mind that you feel is a Front Page item, you can send me a PM with a copy to Amin Sabet and Streetshooter.
Um, I have no problems starting a new thread in other fora (hence this one!) but I can't post a new thread in the Forum>Community>General forum.

EDIT - Aha! It is the Forum>Front Page>General forum. So that'll be it.

Thanks BBW