Ricoh Why I love the Ricoh GRD cameras


One reason at least, among many. With all the hoopla around the GRD4 the GRD3 still rocks. If I could only have one camera...


This is a new GRD3. My first one went south for some reason. Image tortured in Silver Efex Pro.

And why do love yours?


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I am anxiously awaiting my new (old stock) GRD1. I hope for it to become my street/carry everywhere camera. SO much of the stuff I see here and the Ricoh forum is really special. Only problem is, adding my Olympus E-PL1 and E-P1, and any of several film cameras, on holiday I may end up going around with 3 or 4 cameras around my neck at the same time.


I don't have one, but I demoed one after I got my EX1. I still like the EX1 and it's a better fit, but the GRDIII is an awesome cam. I put up a post on the Ricoh forum on that other site about how I was trying to get a grain effect like what I would get out of the GRD. Very impressive.

The handling was excellent and quite intuitive, even not being set up for me.


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I'm back. The GRD got me into the GXR by accident. brother comes over to do some single malt and check out my GXR.
He's liking it but says its not gonna fit in his pocket.
Now I know I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box but my stupidity at that moment will never be topped.
I told him, I have the perfect camera. It works the same as the GXR.

Enter shooter, the kind hearted moron. I showed him the GRD3.
Bye bye.......
End transmission...........