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Bill Shinnick
.... is a question I often ask but the last week has given me some reminders. We buried my mother-in-law last Wednesday just short of her 93rd birthday and it was wonderful to be able to go to images that captured her for inclusion in the booklet for her burial.

On Christmas Day we had my 4 kids and 8 grandkids plus brother-in-law, wife and my nephew/god-son for lunch. The first pic shows 7 of my 8 grandies plus 27 year old nephew playing with 30 year-old lego.

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The second photo is my 34 year-old son and his 2 year-old god-son (our youngest grandchild) learning the secrets of a 25 year-old Transformers toy.

Bill - always great to see "family" photos - I always rate them as "5 stars" in my LR thing

looks like you've had some cold weather over or should I say "down" there

Maybe it will rain for the next two days at the MCG and your lads will win the last test to make it 2 - 1 - stranger things have happened and nothing would surprise me

Hi bill, and yes family is what its all about. I got some grandkids myself. Been trying to give one to billn but he'll have no part of it. Enjoy them as long as you can. Thanks for your post. cheers, pete
Yeah, as much as I enjoy street shooting and landscapes and abstract shapes and shades and all that, taking pics of those close to you is what its about for the long run. I took a bunch of shots over Christmas of my wife's extended family gathering. I stuck a 50mm f1.5 Voightlander on my ep2 and took a bunch of shots and everyone in the family loves them. Nothing special, just candid shots maybe a step up from snapshots of folks relaxing and enjoying (for the most part!) each other's company. I suspect in another 20-30 years, I'll still be looking at these but probably not much of my other stuff.

Bill, first let me say that I am sorry to read that your mother-in-law has passed away. I realize that she was 93, however I am sure it was a great loss and offer you my condolences. I have no doubt that the book you've put together will be a great gift to your family. It's a lovely idea.

You are so right - all of you - about the importance of family photographs, and Bill yours are wonderful - all those cute little grandchildren! I hope that I will be hale and hearty if and when I am lucky enough to have some or even one!

I'm with you, Ray, when it comes to looking at my photos down the line.
I suspect in another 20-30 years, I'll still be looking at these but probably not much of my other stuff.
Maybe that's why I take so many of my family members now?;)
Bill, what a great idea - your running slideshow! I really need to start thinking more about getting with the technological side of things to take advantage of the new big screen display (AKA TV).(y) I'm sure your family loved it. I know that growing up I was fascinated by my parents photo albums...now for most they've become digital albums.