Why Lithium batteries discharge.


Marlow, UK
Sometimes simple remedies really work.

A while back I noticed that every time I used my cordless drill after a few weeks on the shelf, the battery was flat. It didn't matter that the battery had been fully charged when I put it away, the next time I needed the drill - flat battery again (I think the battery technology there is NiCd or NiMH rather than lithium).

Then I read somewhere that the battery in a cordless drill can slowly discharge itself through the drill when it isn't in use, so it's better to remove the battery from the drill when you put it away. It didn't sound very likely to me, but it was such a simple thing to try that I gave it a go. I made myself a little cardboard spacer which stops the battery clicking fully into place in its carry case, but allows the drill/battery combination to sit nicely in the compartment as per usual. The only hazard is forgetting that the battery isn't properly secured when I grab the drill, and having it land on my foot. Done that once or twice.

But, I think it has made a difference to the discharge problem. I can use the drill straight away now rather than waiting 20 minutes to charge the battery every time I need to drill a quick hole.



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Panasonic must wrap their batters in massive amounts of this tape. I love their cameras, but so many of them for so many years would fully discharge sitting on a shelf.