Why Protection Matters


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For your rear LCD that its. :cool:

I've been using Giottos and GGS brand protectors since my Nikon D70 days (I got tired of the snap on OEM covers falling off), and when I moved into mirrorless, there were no such bundled options.

The 7 buck investments finally paid off. Last day of a rare but long shoot week during Spring Break and I must have smacked the camera into a corner of something. I didn't see it until I got home and my heart sank. Then I looked closely and checked the LCD out a bit, and realized the GGS took the hit like a pro - starred impact point and splintering in the lower corner. No damage at all to the LCD screen itself.

Ordered another replacement (cheap ones come straight from China so it takes couple of days in the post) and peeled the old one off. The trick to it is using some flat dental floss and working your way in and across from one edge. It comes off just like the top of a cake using a wire cutter. The hardest part was gently scrubbing and rolling off the residue adhesive before applying the new one.


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