Leica Why the leica m is so unique


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OMG, it's Kai. He's so cute and has such a great accent. I could watch/listen to him all day. Please keep me away from any M9-P video he does, m'kay?


Haha! Oh BB you make me laugh, Mistaken identitly I'm afraid - I might like M's, be about the same age as Kai, and also have an english accent, but I don't wear such amazing outfits. I do like his video's though. Lok is a great co-presenter too, chalk-and-cheese.


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I agree with all the positive sentiments, about Leica and the vid - I have an M8 and would like an M9

............... but

what is happening...............

where are all the usual "Leica knockers", (critics)



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where are all the usual "Leica knockers", (critics)


They are over at Steve Huff's site given that they seem to enjoy going to a predominantly Leica focused site and then complain about Leica. Although, I must confess that I like to give Leica from time to time as well. Not that they ever feel any grief about it! :smile:


I think folks get really invested in their products and like to think of them as the best. Something like Leica, BMW or any other premium brand will naturally get knocked by those that want it but can't afford it (and don't want to admit it). They make great stuff. I can't afford one and I can't foresee a day when I will be able to but is definitely great stuff. I will say this...I got to play with an M8 recently and while it as very cool I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. Probably had more to do with my expectations than anything else. Now, I can see my way to picking up a Summicron 50...some day

Love the video review.