Fuji Why use half-cases?


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Nov 29, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
I like the leather half case look but am paranoid that it does not provide enough protection, ie. if I were to knock the camera on to an object as I'm walking past. Also if someone were to spill a drink or something, rain, etc. I'm accident prone enough as it is, no need to subject my camera to it too.


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Jun 30, 2011
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On an entirely serious note, Mr Zhou makes beautiful affordable leather cases and halves for all sorts of cameras. Have a look at eBay seller jioZhou
I don't find this seller on eBay. Any ideas?
Edit: OK found him under Zhou. Only have half cases, but they look nice. I am holding out for a full case, just 'cause I want the option of not using another bag at times. I have the Fiji full case for now, but know it won't hold up or age well. The Fuji case looks like some other cheap cases that are made from very thin leather rather than the more robust full grain leather cases. This one will likely not develop a nice patina nor will it feel as good in the hand as a good grade of leather. The Fuji case should sell for no more than $50USD. That's what I paid, so it will do for now.



Dec 8, 2011
Cotswolds, UK
Over many years of use I have found that apart from accidents, base plates, lower edges of cameras are the areas facing the most impact / scratches etc - the half case prevents this and also protects the battery / memory card access areas - the inconvenience of removing a half case to change battery/card is far outweighed for me by the protection offered by the half case - for the GX1 & X100 the half cases also allow a better grip.
Personal choice but certainly for me I would rather have them than not.

Here is my GX1 in half case:



Dec 1, 2010
Alsace, France
My first 35mm had no strap eyelets, so the case was the only way of carrying it hands-free. The top/front was also rivetted to the bottom half, which meant that if you wanted to take a pic in portrait format you had to use a finger or two to keep it from flopping in front of the lens. Take the top off a modern case and you must either stow it somewhere or devote a hand to holding it. It's just as inconvenient as my oldie.

On the street, the only way to be really ready is to have the powered-up camera in your hand with your finger on the button. Then, I'll agree, a half case affords good grip - and you can leave the top half at home for when you put the beast to bed. If it rains, shove it under your coat.

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