Why you take pictures?


Welcome to our facility Luke.
A nurse will be along presently to ensure you are comfortable and give you your medication.
In the meantime, we'll just be keeping an eye on you every 15 minutes or so.


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it eases the inexorable feeling of uselessness I feel.

Rocking slowly in her corner we see the fellow 'patient', twitching every so often, camera in hands, bleary eyed...

---As a teen, because Instant [Polaroid One Step] was cool. After which it used to be to record things [Nikon One Touch, Samsung, both film], family events, vacations though those were few, then my cameras broke. Several disposables down the line [Kodak & Fuji] and a small 2 pixel digital [Canon Power Shot S200 - still have it], because I could, and to record things. Skipping forward again to DSRL [Rebel XSi], because I can whenever I want, it doesn't cost anything and I can share.. and record things. Enter Macro Lens [100mm, like whoa].. because I'm seeing what I've never seen before and I want to show others.. off to film cameras again [collecting, flea markets, estate sales, etc], they are cool and old and have that vintage feel even with photos developed today not to mention all I am learning-- and on to the point and shoot upgrade [G12 wanted for Aussie trip] and we're back to because I can, wherever I am, even if I can't sneak in with the DSLR. I think it is in my blood. At 7 I was shooting tree stumps with unique wavy lines [Kodak Instamatic], as an adult I still do that with a macro lens. In another life I'd probably be a photographer, starting early, riding the wave before all the digital stuff came along and then making the conversion like most others but at the time my desired Canon AE-1 was never acquired. Couldn't afford the indulgence of hobby let alone the camera. Now I can [mind you no $Leica or Hassy$ here] and I really enjoy it. Referencing Luke above- it is my outlet, it is therapeutic sometimes and back to the.. I'm recording things!

I feel like the wordy one here but I guess that would make sense since I write as well. Anyways to summarize what I said above, because every reason points to doing it so far ;)


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Why? Because I can, because I like to, because if I don't, I start feeling restless and stay that way until I get out... and because if I didnt take photographs, I might never leave the house. Its therapy :) And yes, I want to show others what I have seen and how I saw it. Don't we all have a bit of that within us?

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