Fuji Wide boy?

Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
It occurs to me that I am in danger of being over-endowed in the wide lens stakes...

Bear in mind that my primary use of a wideangle is when travelling, in urban environments, to get things in. That means people and/or architecture in particular.

As I stand I have the 14mm and the recent 16mm, but I am waiting on the 16-80...

I'm inclined to sell the 14 - which of course is not WR - and replace it with something like the 7 Artisans 12mm. I don't want a fisheye, but there are times whan a few extra degrees would be handy, and I can live with MF and no WR on what, for me, would be a relatively low-use item.


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