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I spent time this weekend learning how to clean, lube, and adjust Jupiter-9 lenses made in Contax mount. I then dedicated a Contax to Leica adapter to it, shimmed the lens an extra 0.167mm to bring it to perfect agreement across the full focus range on my Leica rangefinder. 1.15m to infinity. You just cannot do this on a thread mount J-9 without internal machining of the mechanism.



On the M8, M9, and M Monochrom: use the 75mm framelines for an 85mm lens. Use the insides of the frame.

This is the best J-9 that I've seen, 1955 KMZ. German Glass most likely.


All shots with the Leica M8. I did not use my magnifier for these- usually I do, but managed to nail focus at F2 without a problem. The 270degree focus throw helps.



Hall of Famer
Summicron M Collapsible at F2.
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