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After seeing Jeff Bridges shooting his Widelux I started poking around on evilbay and saw the 2 common variants of panoramic 'moving lens' cameras - the Widelux (vintage Japanese) & Noblex (German). And I also stumbled across the Russian Horizon cameras yesterday too - these often appear to be sold as 'lomo' style cameras in-spite of being fairly well made (and they're a lot cheaper than the Widelux or Noblex).

Anyone have experience with these?
The Horizon looks like a great deal but I've heard a few stories of build-quality issues that mean they're not as good a deal as you'd think (can have soft lenses & scratch film). On the other hand, they're so much cheaper its just a matter of balancing the costs/benefits/risks to suit personal requirements.
At the 'pro' end the Hasselblad X-Pan, Fuji TX1 & 617 kind of have the super-wide film market tied up - they seem to cost 2 to 3 times as much again over the moving-lens cameras.

For reference -

M. Valdemar

New York City
I have had numerous Horizonts and sold them off. I found them more of a novelty rather than an everyday shooter.

Just this weekend I picked up a beautiful example of a Widelux F7, like new.

Now I have yet another project, to shoot some test film with it and figure out where to get it printed or scanned.
Does anyone know what the shutter speed is in the blank spot above the 500? Would it be 16 maybe?


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