Willington Wetlands for beavers - Nr Derby, UK

Hullo - had a few beers and feeling temporarily social.

I've booked a week off work this coming week, and planning to go to Willington Wetlands, near Derby (https://goo.gl/maps/n8z4J3QA6MnuE3Rs9) to try and photograph some beavers one day w/c 04/09 - hopefully when not raining! Not sure how many Cameraderie folks are reasonably local to south Derbyshire, but wondered if anyone might like to meet up? Be nice to shoot the sh*t and (hopefully) some beavers.

If Derby no good, there are also some beavers at Idle Valley Nature Reserve near Retford, Nottinghamshire (parking here).

Haven't picked a specific day yet, but see if anyone up for it first 😅 beavers are crepuscular, so it'll be a morning or evening meetup.

Edit: Probably posted at completely the wrong time for most UK members - I'm in the habit of staying up late, so share a timezone with more US and Oz members
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Just a quick bump for UK members, as I originally posted this when I suspect most were in bed!

I'll be at Willington Wetlands for around 6.30pm tomorrow - come along if you're nearby and fancy looking for beavers.