Wing umbrella lighting

I've posted about getting wing umbrellas in the gear acquisition thread. But never shown why I like them or what they do as a light modifier. The wing umbrella has become one of my all time favorite modifiers. Its lightweight and extremely easy to set up, being that it is an umbrella. But it is shaped, and works similar to, a rectangular softbox. With a reflector built into the top and bottom, or sides when using horizontally. Which makes it very versatile due to all the different angles it can be rotated into, as well as placement around the subject. Originally designed with shooting groups of people at weddings in mind. And using in places with low ceilings, like a basement with a drop ceiling for example. As far as I know, currently only Adorama's house brand Glow makes them. Available in 45",60" and 88". I have a pair of the 60" with an 88" on the way.

Standard headshot lighting: 60" on either side of subject. Plus a 41" Glow white lined deep parabolic umbrella w/diffuser behind me for fill light

60" on either side of him, vertically oriented. The umbrella at subject right angled a bit away from the backdrop.

Single 60" camera right at an angle to feather the light across the subject and put a little light on the backdrop

60" to the side of the subject, subject right, angled to not put light on the backdrop


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