WINNER ANNOUCNED: The Tenth Photographer's Lounge Salon Challenge: A WIDE VIEW


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One of my favorite photographers, Garry Winogrand, routinely violated some of the classic 'rules' espoused by photography teachers and theorists - and specifically the rules about getting 'close' to a subject, or framing it in such a way as to cut out unnecessary details. Winogrand once said, "I wish I had a lens that took in my whole angle of vision". His photographic tool of choice was a 28mm lens, which he claimed was closest to his "angle of attention"; but he also shot frequently with other wide angles, including the moderate 35mm, and the ultra-wide 21mm, though he felt it needed to be used carefully, because of its inherent distortion.

Winogrand's wide-angle shots are can be packed with things, forms, stuff and 'information'; but nonetheless they often have a center or nexus, a subject around which everything else pivots. Winogrand's predecessor, the great Robert Frank, also used wide angles to "test the limits of scale" - or, in his own words, to see, "how small a thing could be in a frame and still sit as its nominal subject.”

Your Challenge, for the Tenth Photographer's Lounge Salon, is to find, take, or create a photograph - old or new - that in some way shows us a WIDE VIEW that you could never have achieved with either a 'normal' or telephoto lens.

The Challenge will run starting today, the 20th of March, through midnight of April 6th, approximately the next two weeks.


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