WINNER ANNOUNCED - 18th Serious Compacts Salon Challenge - On The Move!


Oct 27, 2010
Wow thanks Pete for choosing me as the winner. I needed a pick me up and you gave me one, then all the lovely compliments came in and I can't thank you all enough. I now have the biggest smile on my face.

Paul, I'm especially touched by the generosity of your comment. The biggest thanks to you. And, of course, to the wonderful elderly dancers at the park in Moscow. They were an unexpected surprise and were wonderful to watch and photograph.

I'm especially pleased this photograph done so well in the salon challenge as it's the first time I've went out and tried hard to catch a shot that met the brief rather than using something in my back catalogue that I thought would do!

I guess I have to choose the next challenge. Watch this space ....


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Oct 22, 2011
UK, Essex
Peter Tachauer
Dear all. Whoop de doo, I have some net access on the ferry between sorrento and queenscliffe.

I didn't have time to mention all that had taken my eye......and without the dancing couple would have stood a chance.

Bee on the wing, fantastic shot even if wings were still, let alone flapping. Super. The spinning wheel, looked like a demented hub cap....liked it a lot. The flamenco(?) dancer, movement and mood.....lovely. And of course the dervishes whirling away......exotic, compelling. It was so hard to choose. But in the end, those happy feet won it for me because the buzz I got was like a shot of adrenaline. I felt I was there watching them.

Thanks all for taking part. My apologies for lateness of result and sparse comment from access is very patchy for me. I have gone days without access and feel like my arms have been cut off.




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May 13, 2013
Again, a wonderful thread and a fabulous winning photo! Congratulations, Karen. A very special photo indeed.

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