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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
Honorable Mentions:

Davect01 – I’m a sucker for clean composition, uncluttered backgrounds, and a strong subject. You hit all of those well here, and I love her expression.

Rayvonn – In this case the subject matter is so engaging that it pulls the photo way up the list. The way she’s clinging on, but is also trying to manage her hat, the viewer is torn between wondering if she (they) might fall, and wanting to chuckle. All the compositional skills and planning in the world won’t beat a fateful moment caught by the person carrying a camera of some sort.

Kyteflyer – Again, a strongly composed image (nicely lined up!), not cluttered, and a good moment caught.

Luke – The blurred foreground stems, which I’m guessing you had no control over, actually make me like this a lot more than I might have otherwise. It feels like we’re peeking through the grass in person. It’s more engaging, pulls me in more than it would’ve.

But my favorite hit the thread 2nd … Chickenherby. This was the cleanest, the prettiest, the … “est” of all for me. Simple, no distractions, gorgeous color, obvious subject, and has a great sense of mood to it. You’re up, my friend… think of something good!

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