WINNER ANNOUNCED LUKE! 19th serious compacts salon challenge - film noir


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I found it difficult to decide on my favourite, so I asked at work if my colleagues would help me choose a winner.

The results were two votes for Luke's spider, three votes for Ripleysbaby's girl in the rain, two for Bill's bookshop and two for Isoterica's ghosts.

When I asked why they chose one over the other, the comments I received were:

Luke's spider - "I'm scared of spiders", "eech spider!" and then a lengthy conversation about the false widow spiders being reported in England.
Bill's bookshop - "lots of drama, old meets new"
Isoterica's ghosts - "spooky" and "what am I looking at?"
Ripleysbaby's girl in the rain - "I'd hang that up on my wall"

When I asked which one they thought was the most "film noir", they said Luke's spider! The light, the shadow, the menace of the spider itself, then another lengthy conversation about the false widow spiders being reported in England, then me showing them a picture of a flickr contacts picture of a hairy spider which was 8" big ... at this point I lost them to conversations about the spiders in Australia!

So based on this, although I love all of the 6 pictures in my semi final, I am happy to announce that Luke has won this challenge! But Riplesbaby, you have to be proud of that shot!
Milwaukee, WI USA
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Luke sorry I'm late for my acceptance speech. I was out of town for a bit. I think there were many others that were better, but it wasn't my place to vote. That will be coming up shortly. Give me a night to ruminate on a theme, and I'll get one going in the morrow. Thanks to all for sharing their photos and their congratulations.

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