WINNER ANNOUNCED: The 11th Photographer's Lounge Salon Challenge: Long Exposure


May 7, 2011
Much better then steel wool shots as long as you don't catch any fire:)

Just realised there's no explanation with my pic. It's me, in a cave, waving a newspaper I set on fire. I was there with friends, LED lightbars and steel wool for sparks. This image was my favorite that night, despite it being a low budget 'test' shot, i like the twinkly candles in the background. I think it's a flaming 4.


Jan 23, 2014
Brighton, UK
I took a few long exposure tonight, and i quite enjoy not carrying a tripod. Everywhere in this city has flat surfaces, including the ground! I think it helps in finding interesting and creative angles. Down the beach and in nature i need a tripod though.

Tempted to swap in a bit of light graffiti from today, but I'll stick with the original entry.


May 7, 2011
Thank you very much for all the entrees. It was a very interesting competition when I saw the variety of the shots. You showed the creativity in this forum. We had the regular water, light streak shots and even a interesting clock shot. I like the fire shot also since it was a little different what is usually shot. We had bunch of interesting ghost shots. In the last entrees we had glowing skirt and a nuclear flow and the last minute entry looked to me like it came from the Harry Potter movie when they had those high speed chases:)

For the long exposure shots, I agree with Joe. I am also one of the lazy ones. I tried to take my own shot last couple days ago after the sunset. I lowered the ISO for silky photo and put on rail. The shots looked lovely until I came home. On the computer it looked like shaky photo and I checked the shutter and it was 2.5sec so it needed a stable support and no IS... So that was my story of the challenge...

Finally, the winner is Joe. I liked it very much the composition and tones with the clouds moving. It is an excellent shot. Congratulations!

Thanks again for everybody and I will be waiting what the next competition will bring....

Also last couple days I saw a few long exposure shots that I liked and wanted to share as a closing remark. First one is a 30sec shot of milky way with brief explanation from NASA daily photos, and the second has some shots from the dreams in a sea of silk:

PS: One of the ultimate long exposure camera is a pinhole camera. I saw one documentary of a German photographer who had his medium/large format wood box pinhole camera. I couldn't find him, but found more info about pinhole cameras and exposure times:
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