Winner announced: The 3rd CAMERADERIE.ORG Photo Challenge - “Backlit”


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Awww COOL! I'm beyond flattered.

About that shot: We biked from Pittsburgh to DC, took 6 days, averaged about 60 miles a day. My daughter (you had no prayer determining gender from that shot, fear not) rode behind me on a 1-wheeled trail-a-bike, helping when she felt like it, while I pedaled an electric mountain bike, gingerly nursing the battery, using only what I had to, and recharging at lunch stops for an hour or so as I ate and had a beer. My wife rode a 70s Peugot road bike that I converted to a single speed for her. This shot, we had steady rain all day. This was one of many long, cool, damp tunnels, and emerging out of it, she said "let's get a picture before we get back into the rain." I put the XT1 on the camera bag on the ground, pre-focused, set exposure manually, set the 10 second timer, hit the shutter, dashed into place, and tried to look intrepid. :) Then I packed it up, and we soldiered on into the warm rain, which felt good when you're working. It was an incredible trip.

I need to come up with a theme.


Hi all,

just an announcement in other related threads, as advertisement . . The Cameraderie 38th Challenge theme is: Shadows.
(way back in time; the winner showed great shadows)

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