WINNER ANNOUNCED! The Sixth Photographer's Lounge Salon Challenge–New Year's Resolution


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It's that time of the year. I will be better, stronger, faster . . . next year. Your image should show a New Year's resolution: visually tell us the problem or flaw or need and give us at least a hint of the fix. Note: it doesn't have to be your resolution:whew::whew: This is a good chance to break out those embarrassing shots of loved ones.

Let's run this through midnight, January 2, 2015.


Rules are simple................

1. Either take a picture that matches the nominated theme or select one from your portfolio. You must be the photographer that created the picture in order to enter it.

2. Only one entry per salon, please. If you want to withdraw an entry and replace it with another, that is OK, but you must make it clear in the post containing your replacement picture that this is what you've done. You can add or change the title and add to the edit line to let everyone know.

3. The decision of the curator at the end of the challenge is final - don't give him/her a hard time about it: this is just a friendly photo challenge, after all!

5. The person who submitted the chosen picture will assume the responsibility of curator for the next Salon Challenge and as soon as possible post a message in a new thread in the PL Photo Challenges forum, with details of the new theme. Don't forget - that opening message must include a copy of these instructions, which also double as the rules.

6. The curator can't enter his or her own salon (that's me).

7. Please, don´t be shy...Participate and have fun!
I'll start it off with what I guess is the #1 item on most new Years Resolution Lists.

More Exersize.



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Miguel Tejada-Flores
Resolution: to 'be present' in every moment

The New Year's resolution is one I've thought about before but now that I have a 1-year-old granddaughter, I am reminded, more than ever, of both the difficulty - and the rewards to be reaped - of slowing my otherwise hectic life down - and allowing myself to 'be present' in each and every moment that comes my way. Opal seems to do it naturally and spontaneously -


Opal and the Spaghetti
by La Chachalaca Fotografía, on Flickr

If I will be a great year.

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