WINNER ANNOUNCED! The Sixth Photographer's Lounge Salon Challenge–New Year's Resolution


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It's hard to believe that only a few of us can come up with something for this challenge. Heck, I just read about it yesterday. Everybody - stirr-etchhhh your minds and delve deep into that catalogue of photos. It can be an anti-resolution photo, too.


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My deep and sincere thanks to everyone for your comments. It's a rare honor to be singled out by fine photographers - I'm simply content to be included in the company of each and every one of you. If the photo I entered here has any real value, I honestly think it lies in the emotional realm, not the visual one - my subject, Opal (also my granddaughter) seems to have the magical ability to make older, tired-er, supposedly wiser human beings around her let go of many things and just share the intense experience of - and enjoyment of - a whole series of moments. She is both fascinated by and pleased by the smallest things - and she seems to teach me lessons continually, both as a photographer and, more importantly, as a human being.

There are so many other great images here - and simple but poignant resolutions - that I'd like to adopt just about all of them for myself. So - thanks again to everyone here - for ongoing inspiration/s, of many nature/s.

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