Winter 2014 (Stylus 1 - BEWARE ART FILTERS IN USE!!!)


Nov 16, 2013
Gubrz - I love it. It replaced an XZ-2 (which was my small camera) and so far very, very happy. The IQ is just as good as the XZ-2 (though I think the XZ-2 lens was a tiny bit sharper, which is not unexpected), better at higher ISOs and the AF is much better in dim light - rarely miss a shot or can't get a focus lock like the XZ-2 did before the firmware update. The EVF is a marvel and of great use when you want to stabilize the long zoom lens against your face. The fact that I now have a relatively fast (constant f2.8) lens of this zoom range - 28-300 - for me makes it the perfect walk around/travel camera. Is it a bit larger than the XZ-2, sure, but I think the additional refinements (zoom range, EVF and the control system) are worth the size/weight increase.

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