Leica Winter 2017-2018 Images


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Posted this in another typic, but I guess it goes here as well


Frosty Webs.
Leica IIIc, 5cm f/2.5 Hektor, Fomapan 100, f/5.6 at 1/60th
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I have 8 weeks of leave and a beach house in Florida. Told my wife and daughter not to annoy me... That would get me through most of the Winter "In Style".


No reason why this should only be "classic" winter shots ... Balmy and beach-house winter shots welcome, heh.

Brian, are you going to be in the panhandle, or ?
We usually come down every Summer- had to skip last summer. We will be down next Summer, most definitely. When I retire- the plan is to head down to Navarre and Pensacola. I've vacationed in the Panhandle ever since a Baby, which was 60 years ago now.


I agree: stay home after or during a snowstorm. No reason to get the car stuck.

Those are some busy spiders there!

I need to push myself more to get out for pics regardless of skies. I see gray and just don't even want to put a camera in the glove box. But sometimes gray days can offer the best pics.


Thanks, David. The last two are with a D-LUX (the twin of the LX100), those before that are with SL and the 24-90mm zoom. All are with polarizers. I use Marumi DHG CPL filters - they hit a sweet spot for polarizing-cut, pass-through transmission, and price.


David, Christine - Winter can sure be beautiful. Great shots.

Mostly grey and overcast here. Shouldn't be a deterrent to pics, I know. Have the D-LUX in the glove box though, ready if opportunity strikes.


Sunny Frimley
Believe me, it's a bit of everything here in the UK. From lovely Spring sunshine to freezing sleet and wind (today) in a matter of hours! That's what we get for living on a small island!

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