Leica Winter 2017-2018 Images


Thanks, David. Sheer numbers of shots taken improves my chances, heh. We're working with a reduced color palette in the winter, so creating interest can be a challenge.
Yesterday I was strolling by the golf course near our cabin. Only iPhone with me but couldn’t resist of some snaps.



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Ups, sorry about that. I was reading the Forum with my phone and browsed only by unread posts. Should I delete?
Absolutely Not.

Leicaplace "W/NW" threads have always been equipment agnostic.

Once the equipment-specific forums are restored, this will be apparent. We had forums and threads dedicated to showing results from specific cameras, and more importantly for mirrorless users- specific lenses. Some of the lenses are very rare (300 ever made), others are very inexpensive ($9 Industar-26).

Nikkor-SC 5cm F1.5, the lens that got the attention of the World

Showcase - Industar-26m, 5cm F2.8, early Tabbed version
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