Sony Wireless flash setup for NEX-7?


Hi all,

I picked up a Yongnuo YN-560 off ebay for a song along with this Minolta hot shoe adapter. It works great in manual mode on the NEX-7, but I'd like to do a bit of off camera flash action with this thing.

A few questions

1) Is that adapter "safe" to use on my NEX-7? I remember there were questions about firing manual flashes with some adapters.

2) What is the cheapest route I could go to wirelessly trigger the Yongnuo with the NEX-7? I'm not looking for TTL, just manual off camera flash. I realize the flash has the ability to be triggered, but will the pop-up on the NEX 7 do the job with a manual flash?

3) The 1/160th of a second thing doesn't apply to manual flash, right? That's only a TTL restriction?

Pardon my ignorance, I have almost no experience with flash since using my A900 a few years back, and that was all with Minolta/Sony HS flashes on TTL.

Also, are there any settings on the NEX I need have set?



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1. No. You shouldn't have any problems.

2. It depends on the flash. If it has a slave mode, the cheapest way is to just use the inbuilt flash (turned way down) to trigger it. Otherwise a cheap radio trigger off eBay should do the job.

3. The sync speed counts, regardless of the flash mode as its a function of the shutter not the flash. The exception is high speed TTL flash which the NEX7 supports but I'm not sure if yet 560 does. With off camera flash you may need to go a bit lower as you loose some time while the camera tells the flash to fire.